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  • Jaimie Cleeland

Introducing Geolocation Journeys

Using ‘retired’ light-level geolocators, marine predator scientists at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and artist, Dr. Annalise Rees have designed and developed unique pieces of jewellery to raise funds for future tracking projects. With each piece comes a history of the individual animal the tag was deployed on and a printed map of the journey it undertook. These pieces are constructed using repurposed materials; a ‘retired’ geolocator, used to collect important research data, a laser-cut silhouette of the target species made from recycled metal. Contribution of used geolocators and animal tracking data from many scientists working in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic has enabled the creation of elephant seal, fur seal, albatross, shearwater and penguin jewellery pieces...and this is only the beginning!

Artist Dr. Annalise Rees with scientist Dr. Jaimie Cleeland

Donations to this project will allow through the purchase of new working geolocators to be deployed on a Southern Ocean species such as wandering albatrosses.

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