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  • Jaimie Cleeland

New GeoJourneys creations released

We have a new release of our wearable geolocator creations. So, for a very special gift for this Christmas go to ‘Support Us’ on the website homepage. A reminder that we only have a limited amount of creations to release each year.

As geolocators are retrieved from the field from various marine predator species the data they collect is crucial to help scientists better understand how these animals are using their habitat, and the influence of human impacts such as climate change.

We would like to thank all our supporters and those who have donated to Geolocation Journeys. It has been a momentous year getting the project off the ground with much achieved. We look forward to your ongoing support to help further our knowledge of marine predator species and their habitat.

#geolocators #donate #tracking #art #science

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