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  • Jaimie Cleeland

GeoJourneys on the international stage

Geolocation Journeys has presented as part of a number of international conferences and events during 2017 including:

  • Association for Polar Early Career Scientists Online Conference Geolocation Journeys: a Science+Arts collaboration supporting marine predator research, March 23-34.

  • Environmental Histories Symposium II: Uncanny Objects, University of Tasmania, June 5-6.

  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research - Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group Conference - Depths and Surfaces: understanding the Antarctic Region through the Humanities and Social Sciences, Hobart, July 5-7.

  • Presentation in Mid Winter Antarctic Experience – Bookend Trust, IMAS, July.

  • CONASTA 2017 Workshop presentation, annual conference of Australian Science Teachers Association, in partnership with CSIRO, July 10.

  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Biology Conference, Belgium, July 14-17.

  • Festival of Bright Ideas, Hobart, Aug 11-12.

  • Bio-Logging Symposium, Lake Constance, Germany, September 22-27.

  • Design and Architecture Practice_research (DAPr) Symposium: The interdisciplinary impact of creative practice research,

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