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  • Jaimie Cleeland

Geolocation and education

Geolocation Journeys received funding through the Marine, Antarctic and Maritime Research Theme at the University of Tasmania to establish an education and outreach program. We are currently running some pilot programs with Tasmanian primary and secondary schools and looking to develop a full program for 2018. The Bookend Trust and CSIRO's STEM Professionals in Schools are generously assisting.

Connecting multiple learning areas students engage in an exciting and educational hands-on experience. Taught through a combination of school-based workshops and field activities the program makes classroom learning relevant where students can apply their knowledge to real world problems. Geolocation Journeys develops creative and innovative thinkers capable of turning knowledge into know-how.

Students learn about marine predators and their environment, cultural perspectives and connections, and the cutting edge research uncovering the story of these unique animals and their habitat. Complementing STEAM curriculum the program offers a chance for students to contribute to research and engage in creative ways. Programs can be tailored to a specific curriculum focus and year level.

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