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  • Jaimie Cleeland

Art + Science

As human beings we are inherently curious about the world around us. The sciences and the arts both harness this curiosity to research, translate and communicate ideas and information about phenomena. Although going about this in different ways these two disciplines both help us to perceive and understand the world we live in. In dialogue the sciences and the arts generate new, exciting and innovative approaches to enrich experience and help us think beyond what we already know. These types of partnerships enable us to see our way forward to face the challenges of today while also making for a better future.

'Geolocation Journeys' is a collaboration between marine predator researchers at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and artist Annalise Rees. This Science+Arts initiative uses 'retired' geolocators, used to track marine predators such as albatrosses, seals and penguins and crafts them into a unique piece of jewellery, handcrafted by a team of Science+Art volunteers.

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