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Geolocation Journeys is a positive initiative that brings together artists and scientists to create unique artworks and raise funds to support important research. The contribution of tracking devices and data by collaborating scientists is welcomed. All tracking devices and data are only used in artworks to support further research.

Send your old tracking devices to:

Geolocation Journeys

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies University of Tasmania

20 Castray Esplanade

Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia 7004

So far Geolocation Journeys has supported many different Southern Ocean and Antarctic research projects with new tracking devices. Please contact us if you are interested in developing an ongoing collaboration.

Upload your tracking data:


Accepts .xls or .xlsx file types only. Please include the the following headers in your data: tag_id, date, lat, lon.


We would love to see some pictures of your work. Please consider contributing some images of your study species or research in action.

Your data has been submitted

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